Exploratory Course Rationale:

Exploratory classes are offered to all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. These classes meet during one period of the day. Students may select up to four different exploratories thourghout the school year. Each of these exploratory classes lasts for nine weeks. The wide range of Exploratory activities offered are designed to allow students to explore their constantly changing interests, identity, and aptitudes and to broaden their horizons.

Exploratory Course Description:

Simulator / Stimulator - The course is designed for those students interested in motor sports or aviation. Students will use a simulator, flight or driving, to enhance skills necessary for optimum performance in these activities. Ultimately, they may follow these fields as a career.

Art - Students explore a wide range of media thoughout the school year. Design, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and clay are just a few examples.

Speech - This course includes public speaking, oral interpretation, listening skills, memorization techniques, and broadcasting.

Word Processing - Students will learn skills necessary to process information in a state of the ar manner consistent with new technology. Students will improve on keyboarding, typing speed, and the use of reports.

Journalism - The students will learn and refine the functions of copy reading, proofreading, editing, make-up layout, organization of materials and interview techniques in addition to writing a variety of new stories. The emphasis of this class is to develop each student's creativity while introducing the elements and principles of good design.

Yearbook - This is a practical course in the elements of photo-journalism. These include layout designs, copy fitting, copy writing, headline and outlinge writing and picture editing.

Creative Writing - This course is designed to help those students who are interested in expressing themselves creatively. It will also help them to develop the power of observation, and techniques and skills necessary to perfect individual styles.

Foreign Languages - This yearlong course is an introduction to cultural and conversational French, German, and Spanish. Each language will be offered on a rotating basis. Students will learn basic items in each language. The skills of listening, speaking, and writing of each language are emphasized.

Photography - The students will learn the basics to skills involved in making a photograph. Students will also learn camera handling, proper exposure, and film development.

Leadership -Students learn the techniques of the democratic process. They develop a working knowledge of the parliamentary procedure, public speaking and the elements of formal leadership. These skills are practiced through various activities related to campus organization and the planning of numerous school activities. One such organization is our PAL's program.

Broadcasting / Video Development - Students will learn script writing, editing use of video cameras, lighting, sound recorders, title generators and duplicating equipment. This will take place in a state of the art production studio.

Computer Graphics - Students will learn to design video graphics using the computer to generate titles and three-dimensional animated graphics for special effects

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