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Thompson Middle School


Gone are the days when P.E. teachers just rolled the ball out. In order to have a quality Physical Education Program, we strive to implement the State's Standards into our program. Our program keeps in mind your child as a whole, both cognitively and developmentally.

I. Movement Skills & Movement Knowledge
A. Motor Learning
i. Students set goals and monitor change in movement skill development in order to better understand the improvement process (Standard I)
ii. Students apply locomotors, non-locomotors, and manipulative skills to a variety or indivdual/dual sports, tumbling, aquatics, dance, self defense, and adventure activities. (Standard 2)
iii. Students create an individual/dual game with scoring options and a penalty system. (Standard 3)
B. Biomechanics
i. Students analyze movement performance using spin and rebound principles in order to learn or improve a movement skill. (Standard 4)
C. Exercise Physiology
i. Students design a one week personal fitness plan (warm-up, flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, body composition, cardio-respiratory, cool down). (Standard 5)
ii. Students assess personal fitness, compare scores to a health related standard, and set goals for improvement or maintenance. (Standard 6)
II. Self Image & Personal Development
A. Growth & Development
i. Students explain the growth rates of their body segment and the relationship to movement-related experiences. (Standard 7)
B. Psychology
i. Students demonstrate risk taking through participation in individual or dual movement activities. (Standard 8)
C. Aesthetics
i. Students value personal identity and the development of aesthetic features of their performance skills. (Standard 9)
III. Social Development
A. Sociology
i. Students display collaborative problem solving techniques during risk based initiatives. (Standard 10)
B. Historical Perspectives
i. Students describe the physical education, and the origin of movement related activities during medieval times (Standard 11 & 12)
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