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Thompson Middle School


I have many expectations, but there is a core of expectations that I go by everyday. I not only have expectations for my students but for myself, parents, and/or guardians.

My objective for my students is simple. To engage students in physical activity so what they learn in physical education will help them with real life problem solving, self-evaluation, and cooperation with others. These elements, and many others, will incorporate what they learn in the classroom, as well as the field, to become life-long learners.

Students are willing participants and engaged in every aspect of physical education.
Students are expected to dress out everyday, unless told other wise.
Students are expected to keep a section open in their binder for note taking, important papers, and a one-week personal fitness plan.
Students are expected to follow all rules set forth by the teacher.
Students are expected to have respect for themselves, other classmates, guest teachers, administration, and their regular teacher.

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