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Brea-Olinda Boys Basketball

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3/8/00, Well folks, the seasons over. What a great run we had. Although we finished on a low note, who could have imagined we would have made it to the dance at The Pond. Coach Terry and I would like to take this time to thank all of the support we received throughout the year and especially during the playoffs. I also want to take this time and wish the seniors good luck next year in what ever aspirations they may have. Good luck to Ryan Wilber at Humbolt State. Also, a note to Chase, if someone doesn't pick you up and put you in their program, they're crazy. Chase was one of our biggest reasons why we made our run at the C.I.F. title. We have a couple of talented players coming back in Landon Lewis and Ryan Moore. Both averaging 15 points per game. We also have some up and coming young players. Most notably, Brent Smith (6'7'') Freshman and a great shooting guard who is also one of the smartest players I've seen in John Pohlen. Also a Freshman. We also return our back-up point guard in Erik Giesler who will be a Junior next year with a year of varsity experience under his belt. The future looks good and we hope to match this year's success. Great job guys, I and I know Coach Terry as well, had a lot of fun this year. Again, good luck and thank you.

3/5/00, What a great experience it was to play at The Pond. We didn't play very well in the first half only scoring 12 points, but we made it respectable in the second half scoring 30 points. We cut their lead to 12 points mid-way through the 3rd quarter (36-24), but it seemed like we just woke a sleeping giant. They proceeded to go on a 15-0 run to increase their lead by 27 (51-24) at the end of the third. We only made two field goals in the 4th quarter but we did make 14 of 17 free-throws, indicating we weren't affraid of them and took it to them eventhough we were out-matched. We actually outscored them 18-15 making the final score (66-42). All in all, we had a great experience and expect to be there again in the future. We still have more basketball to play with the State Playoffs beginning on Tuesday. We will find out shortly who and where we play. Wish us good luck, and thank you again for your tremendous support. We couldn't have done it without you. See you Tuesday.

3/1/00, I have two words for everyone. "The Pond." We finally made it. Although we didn't play very well, the crowd support was fantastic. We had to out number the Inglewood fans 3 to 1. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Landon Lewis was again our stablizer, playing well and continueing to hit his 3-pointers. But the biggest difference in the game was Chase Ulicny. Chase's strong play on both ends of the court was the difference maker. Chase ended the game with 12 points going 6 for 6 from the free-throw line and also holding their best player to only 8 points in the game. We had a comfortable lead going into the fourth where we just froze up. We ended up only making one basket the whole fourth period, but our strong defense was able to hold any attacks they tried to muster. We won the game 50-46 which puts us in the finals for the first time since 1961 against Dominguez. We also qualify for the State tournament which will start probably next tuesday. The finals for CIF will be at 2:15pm on Saturday, March 4th. Hope everyone can join us.

2/26/00, Update on where our game will be held. We won the coin flip today, which means we get a home alternate site. We would like to play at Valencia, but they have a vollyball game that night, so we'll have to wait and see. I think winning the coin toss is part of this destiny trip we're currently on. Let's hope it continues. Remember, home game = lots-o-fans.

2/26/00, Well....if you weren't at the game or haven't heard, we're in the semi's versus Inglewood. This will be the 3rd time in 4 years we've reached the semi's. What a great job everyone did last night including our big three. Landon Lewis had another big shooting night, even though he wasn't feeling well. Landon had another 3 3-point shooting night and another 19 point night. That would be 3 games in-a-row. Ryan Moore did his usually damage in the key area but also added a 3-pointer. Ryan ended the game with 18 points and 8 rebounds. Finally, Ryan Wilber, kind of a quiet night with 15 points and 9 rebounds but was there with his defense guarding their best player and holding him to under 10 points. Ryan's 3-point play late in the game stiffled any comeback they may thought they had. Most importantly, the sixth man award goes to our fans these last three games. What a terrific boost we've been getting with their enthusiasm and excitement for each play that occurs. We will play Inglewood at an alternate site depending on who wins the coin toss. The game is suppose to be on Tuesday but we're going to ask to move it to Wednesday so our fans don't have to chose between the girl's and the boy's game. We will need our biggest support this game. Thanks fan's.

2/24/00, The playoff atmoshere was alive and well Tuesday night. It was a see-saw battle the whole way until we broke it open in the third quarter. (AGAIN!!) In the third quarter, Wilber came out and hit a 3-pointer, a spin-move lay-up, a short jumper on the baseline, a reverse lay-up, and another 3-pointer at the end of the period. Wilber ended the game with 22 points. Landon Lewis also came out firing, hitting 2 3-pointers in a row, which helped him score 19 for the game. Ryan Moore was the crowd pleaser with a spectacular dunk over an opponent and 2 base line moves that are only seen in the pros. Finally, Shawn Blattenberger, who only averaged 1.8 points per game in league, has shown up to play scoring 13 points in the first round and 10 points in this game, hitting some crucial 3-pointers. We play Chaparral at Murrieta Valley High School. Take a look at the Brackets to find out who we might play in the final four of the Division IIAA playoffs. Hope to see you at our game Friday at 7:30.

2/19/00, We played a very pesky Torrance team which started 3 guys that couldn't be much taller than 5'6". But they worked their butt off and also shot well, making 12 out of 18 3-pointers. We managed to take control late in the game with great play by Shawn Blattenberger and Chase Ulicny. Landon Lewis hit 5 3-pointers, all in the first half. We thought it might have been a high scoring affair with the score 43-37 at half. Ryan Moore ended the game with 14 points and Ryan Wilber had 9 points including 9 rebounds. We ended up winning 80-68. We won the coin toss on Saturday morning also, so we host Newport Harbor on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm. Please come out and join us as we pursue a chance to play in the finals.

2/13/00, If you can't get any stats, that's because we did it on purpose. We don't want to give anybody an edge. Stats will be available after C.I.F.. Speaking of C.I.F., for now, we are going to be playing Torrance on Friday, Feb.18th at 7:30 at home. I say for now because their is an investigation on school for a possible ineligible player. We will know soon though.

2/12/00, You are now looking at the 2000 Orange League Champions. It was a much tougher road this time around with a much improved league. We actually clinched it Wednesday with our win versus Savanna and a loss by Magnolia. We, however, had to play our last game against our rivals, Valencia. We were up by only 2 points at half but came out with a 13-0 run to start the 3rd quarter and eventually outscored them 29-13 by the end of the 3rd. Final tally, 77-59, to bring our season record to 20-6 and 9-1 in league. We will find out tomorrow (Sunday) who we play in the C.I.F. playoffs. On a side note. Please forgive some of my spelling mistakes. This web page is a small part of a busy schedule and, by my fault, I simply write and leave without checking. So, if you can, please forgive me. Oh, Coach Terry, thanks for correcting me on the spelling of congratulations. I was attempting phonics when I was spelling it and pronounced the D, not the T.

2/7/00, Not much to report on Friday's game other than it gave our starters a good nights rest. Western's best player was down with an injury, so we took full advantage going up by 30 at half-time. We ended up winning 68-33, increasing our league record to 7-1. There is good news in the Wilber camp. Ryan Wilber has accepted a scholarship to play at Humbolt State University. I personally would like to congradulate him and wish him all the luck in the world. He has worked extremely hard to get where he's at and I'm sure with his strong work ethic, he'll continue to improve and help Humbolt to many winning seasons. CONGRATULATIONS!! Ryan.

2/3/00, We rebounded fairly well after a tough loss to Magnolia last week. We beat Anaheim 87-61 to take our league record to 6-1. One thing that hasn't happened in about 11 games is getting every player in the game. It happened Wednesday, which is a good thing. Our biggest highlights of the game were Ryan Wilber's 27 points (6 for 6 3-pointers), Landon Lewis 16 points and a game high 11 rebounds, and the first freshman to start a game for Brea, Brent Smith (6'7'') ended the game with 2 points and 7 rebounds. Ryan Wilber is now shooting 64% from the 3-point line and 80% from the free-throw line in league. We only have a one game lead on Magnolia, so we need to win the rest of our games to clinch the league championship. Come see us play.

1/29/00, Teams seem to be bringing their 'A' game against us and we seem to be bringing our 'C' game. After beating our league rivals on Wednesday (Valencia) 71-63, we turn around and probably play our worst game of the year against Magnolia losing by the same score 71-63. Highlights from Wednesday's game came from Chase Ulicny, who had his best game as a varsity player. Chase ended up with 17 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, and hitting 13 of 14 free-throws. Friday night was a different story. We couldn't score and we had no clue what we were doing on defense. Lately, we've been making average players into All-League performers. We need to step it up if we think we have a chance to win league. Luckily, we have back-to-back home games, Wednesday and Friday. Hope to see you their. We need your support.

1/24/00, If our guys don't know yet, our league is good. We had a tough one against Western winning 60-54. Ryan Moore really stepped it up scoring 24 points with 8 rebounds. Ryan Wilber, who came off a sprained ankle pitched in with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Western did a great job in shutting down our 3-point threat avenging last years game were Landon Lewis hit 11 3-pointers. This game, Landon only managed 5 points with no 3-pointers. Next was Savanna, who, by their accounts probably should have won the game. We could not handle Savanna's point guard (Hutton) who lit us up with 19 points. Savanna was up in the latter part of the game when, as we were down by two, they inbounded the ball to someone other than their point and luckily for us he traveled. With about 45 seconds left Landon Lewis attempted what seemed to be a shot but was really a pass to Ryan Moore off the back-board. Ryan made the put back which tied the score 74-74. On the next possession, Savanna came down and tried to pass the ball inside which was stolen by Kirk Reimer with 20 seconds left. We pushed the ball up the court and ran our normal early offense. The ball eventually landed in Ryan Wilber's hands when he threw up a desperation 3-pointer that went in with 2 seconds remaining. Savanna could only throw it long and pray. Final score 77-74. Kirk has been an animal in league averaging 8 points and 10 rebounds. He also leads the team in Offensive Charges taken with 11. Hopefully he can obtain the record of 18. We probably have the biggest game of our season coming up on Wednesday when we play our league rivals Valencia who are 3-1 in league. Valencia is one of those rivals where if one team is really good and the other is really bad, it will always be a close game. So please, come out and join us. The game is at Brea at 7:30pm. See you there.

1/18/00, We played well this past week beating the two teams that will contest for the league title. One player that has been a major contributor to the success of the team has been Chase Ulicny. Chase was asked to guard 2 of the best players in league (Clayton/Miller) this past week in which he did a fantastic job. Chase, who is 5'10", was asked to guard Clayton who is 6'3" and although scoring 18 points, Chase held him to 8 of 20 shooting (40%). Chase also had one his best offensive outputs of his varsity career, scoring 8 points while dishing out 6 assits. Next was Miller. Miller was the leading scorer in Orange County last year as a junior. Miller, who is 6'4", was held to 7 of 25 (28%) by Chase as Chase dished out a season high 8 assist. We are still getting solid play by Landon Lewis and Ryan Moore. Landon is averaging 20.5 ppg while converting 14 of 14 free-throws and Ryan is averaging 17.5 with 7.5 rebounds per game and 65% from the field. Ryan Wilber is being recruited by some solid basketball programs, Humbolt State and University California of Santa Cruz are just a couple that are looking at Ryan right now. Please see Ryan's Bio and Stats for further information. We have Western on Wednesday and Savanna at home on Friday. Come and check us out.

1/8/00, Rough week but we managed to get one win out of it. With a tough overtime lose to Troy (61-62), the coaching staff was hoping the team would come out strong versus Gahr. With some great play by Chase Ulicny (9 points, 4 assists) and Shawn Blattenberger (12 points, 3 3-pointers), we came out with a 70-62 victory going into league play on Wednesday. Wednesday's lose to Troy was a heart breaker, not only because they are rival's but we had the game in the bag if we only made our free-throws at the end. It was an intense and hard fought battle through out the game. We were up by 9 at the end of the third quarter which was topped off by a break-away dunk with a foul by Ryan Wilber (19 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals). But we only managed 4 points in the fourth quarter which allowed Troy to tie the game and send it into overtime. We were up by 1 with 5.8 seconds on the clock when Troy inbounded the ball from under the basket. After a missed lay-up, they're big man got the rebound and put it back in with 1.7 seconds. We couldn't do much but to throw the ball long and hope. We lost a good, hard fought game. Hopefully we learned and go into a much improved league ready to play. We start out against Magnolia on Wednesday at Home at 7:30pm. Magnolia is 14-2, so, it should be a good game. Hopefully, with our schedule, we'll be able to win these close games that may occur. See you at the game. Team Stats and Individual Stats are ready.

1/3/00, Happy New Year everyone. I hope it was fun and safe. If you weren't at our game on Thurs. (12/30), you missed an exciting come back by our varsity squad. The first three games of our tournament were great and all, especially beating Gahr, but this last one against Claremont was awsome. We were down 16 points in the middle of the third period when Landon Lewis proceeded to hit 3 3-pointers to pull us within striking distance. We ended up being 9 points down at the end of the third. As the fourth quarter rolled along we kept chipping at the lead eventually cutting it down to 3 points with about 2 minutes remaining. Typical of these types of games, we shoot the ball and there's a mad scrammble for the rebound. Ryan Wilber ends up with it, drives the lane and gets fouled as the ball goes in. Ryan made the free-throw to tie the game. The next possession, with about 1:20 remaining, Ryan Wilber steals the ball and goes the distance for a lay-up putting us up by two points. The next possession, they shoot and miss and Kirk Reimer gets the rebound were he is then fouled. One of there players gets mad and yells at the ref. The ref then give the player a technical, therefor, we get four free-throws and the ball out-of-bounds. After we sink only 2 of 4 free-throws, they come down and drive the lane when Kirk comes out of nowhere and swats the ball to a fellow teammate. Erik Giesler iced the game, going 4 for 4 down the stretch and we ended up winning 75-69. It was a very big win for us as Claremont is a very good team with, then, an 11-2 record. We will have one of the biggest games of our season coming this Wednesday at 7:30pm in our gym versus Troy. Troy is ranked 4th in Orange County with a 14-1 record. This is a big rivalry as some of you can attest to last years game when we had about 6 or 7 Division I coaches watching our game, especially Kyle Dodd, who is now at Arizona State University.

12/27/99, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to those parents that gave the coaching staff gifts. Our game on Thurs the 23rd was nothing more than lay-up after lay-up, with some 3-pointers thrown in. Landon Lewis led Brea with 30 points with 6 3-pointers. Ryan Wilber was our second leading scorer with 27 points but also added 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 steals. Ryan Moore added 15 points and 10 rebounds in our win over North Torrance 103-73. Derrick Martin broke the century mark sinking 2 free-throws for the 100 and 101 point mark. Our next game is tonight at home at 8:00pm versus Whittier Christian. Team Stats are in!!!!!

12/21/99, Basketball is fun again for the varsity boys. Last night, the varsity came out with fire and excitement to role past Servite 82-69. With inspired play by Chase Ulicny, who had 9 points and 4 assist, and Ryan Wilber who had a game high 22 points along with 6 rebounds, the Wildcats proved they are a top county team beating a tough Servite squad who is led by Roger Hogan and a 6'10'' sophomore (Iti). Wilber also did it on the defensive end holding their top scorer (Hogan) to only 3 for 19 shooting. Wilber, in his last 4 games is averaging 24.5 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists per game. This is the type of play we, and I'm sure himself, expected him to play. We have 6 straight home games coming up starting with Thursday December 23rd, @ 8:00pm versus North Torrance. I hope you can make it. We need your support.

12/20/99, We just ended our Anaheim Convention Center tournament and came out with a 2-2 record. We're not playing particular well right now but we did have one bright spot. Ryan Wilber stepped it up a notch after an OK first game and proceeded to score 26, 28, and 22 points in the last three games of the tournament. (Tournament: 21pts/game) He also averaged about 6 assist per game. We just wish the whole team came out to play like Ryan did. We'll have another tough one against Servite tonight. I hope everyone can make it. One things for sure, We have played some quality teams. We'll be ready come league time. TRUST ME!!

12/13/99, Well, we ended up taking third place in the Glendora tournament beating Baldwin Park 87-49. We had a little let down against Covina after an emotional loss to Ontario but we stepped it up against Baldwin Park. As a team we hit 14 3-pointers, with Lewis hitting 5, Levine 3, Blattenberger 2 and four others with 1. Lewis ended up receiving All-tournament recognition averaging 16.2 points per game and almost 3 3-pointers per game. If they were to have 2 All-tournament players, they should have picked Ryan Moore. In the 4 games we played, he averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds. We shot well from the free throw line. We went 64 of 85 (75%). We begin a big tournament on Wednesday against Mission Viejo in the Anaheim Convention Center Holiday Classic.

12/8/99, Hey folks. Sorry I didn't write anything about Saturday's game. Not much to write about other than Landon Lewis' hit 4 3-pointers. But, we had a game tonight where we won 81-53. Everyone played well, especially Lewis with 17, Moore with 16, and Wilber with 11 points respectively. Curtis Levine had 7 points and dished out 6 assists and our sophomore point guard hit 1 3-pointer while going 4 for 4 from the free-throw line. Our next game is tomorrow night (12/9/99) against a very quick Ontario team. We'll have our hands full.

11/29/99, Friday's scrimmage was a success if you take out the first quarter. The first quarter was a disaster, where they scored 33 points and had 4 3-pointers. All was not lost, though. We put on a 1-3-1 trap which helped us go on a 25-4 run. The rest of the game was pretty even. Players that played well were Ryan Moore and Arthur Escalera. Ryan, with his offensive play-making and Arthur with his defense. Look at our Schedule for our next game.

11/21/99, The spaghetti dinner was a huge success. The coaching staff and the players want to thank everyone involved. We realize this took a lot of man hours to put together and we really appriciate it. In the 10 years I've been coach here, this was the biggest turn-out for any event the basketball program has put on. Thank you again and we'll see you at the games.

11/6/99, The bio's are up and running. Take a look. Also, take a look at who signed our guestbook. (Coach John Wooden). I hope it's not a goof.

10/20/99, The famous Spaghetti Dinner is coming soon. This event gives you Brea Basketball fans the chance to meet the coaches as well as other parents involved in the teams success. Most people come to eat, but others also come to socialize and bid on some great items, such as, green fees from Coyote Hills Golf Course, plus Professional Hockey and Laker tickets. Click Here to find out more information. Come and join in the fun of this great event. Thank you!!!


9/18/99, I was able to get away and edit the website a little bit. Coming Soon is our new website address. No more typing that long address anymore. The new projected address will be "" This will make it easier for family members, friends, and potential college coaches to access our website a little easier. Thank you Booster Club

There's more to come, so keep coming back!!!